“Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing” – Ricki Lake


This quote pretty well sums up the last year of my life.  I thought trying to have a baby was difficult and exhausting – just achieving that was a feat for me.  I had heard all the stories from others about preparing for motherhood and how tiring and hard it would be, so I knew it was a gamble no matter how many checklists I marked off.  And now here I am, living a life with a three-month-old baby boy – and the journey has been the hardest thing I’ve ever faced.  Days are short, nights are long, and I’ve somehow learned to live on no sleep.  I’ve cried a lot (and listened to a lot of crying) and I’ve even missed how simple certain things used to be.

All that aside, I can truly say, nothing could have prepared me for how much love I have in my heart for my child. I have more joy in my life on no sleep than I ever did with a full eight hours. I wake up every day looking forward to the smile on my sweet boy’s face, even if I have to change a few dirty diapers and make some goofy faces to see it.  Time is fleeting; I will never get these moments back. So I’m choosing to embrace every part of this incredible motherhood thing, whether I’ve gotten to shower or I’m still covered in yesterday’s drool.😊