Just recently I found myself at a funeral visitation for someone whom I really didn’t even know. He was the father of a man, who is married to a woman, who is a good friend of my mothers.

While I was standing in line to talk to them (feeling a little out of place among families and friend I didn’t know), a lady approached me and told me something that made me feel much better.

She said, she never realized how much the funeral and viewing actually helped the healing process until she had to go through it herself. And that seeing the faces she knew and especially the ones she didn’t know, helped her cope,and learn things, and hear stories about her loved one that she never knew before.

    So, if you are unsure how you feel about going to a funeral home. Just remember, that no matter how uncomfortable you might feel being there, that it is a small thing compared to what the family and friends of the deceased are going through. And that your handshake, smile, conversation, and/or hug, can make all the difference in the world to them!