If you're anything like me, you spend an insane amount of time in your kitchen. The kitchen is, how they say, the heart of the home! So when I bought my 1961 ranch style house a couple years ago I knew the kitchen, with it's original layout, cabinets, and floor, was going to have to be redone. When redoing any part of your house there are two major components to consider: Time and Money. My husband and I redid our bathroom a year ago on our own and while we did save thousands of dollars doing all the work ourselves the time frame ended up being about 6 months. (Granted this involved demolishing the bathroom to the studs and building it back up with time consuming tile work on the floor and in the shower.) However, knowing how long it took to do the bathroom helped us decide to put more money in the kitchen budget to allocate for a contractor to help with the major components. If you are not a DIY type then budgeting for a contractor should be top of your list. Once you have a budget and time frame of how long it will take you can dive into the fun part: the design. Your design will be specific to your house and needs. My design reflects the parts of the house we already updated: white cabinets, light gray walls, dark engineered hardwood floors, and quartz counter-tops. There were a could little things we easily changed to help update the kitchen. First we removed the box around the top of the old cabinets and ran the new cabinets to the ceiling. This helps make the room feel bigger and we have more storage space. Secondly the kitchen and dining room flow one right into the other so to make the design seamless we ran the same flooring throughout both spaces. Lastly my handy husband built a bench with built-ins on either side for the back dining room wall. This way we could push the table further away from the designated kitchen area and gained much needed cabinet space in the kitchen. Now my kitchen is the envy of my friends and family. If you are debating redoing your kitchen, or any part of your home, my advise is to jump right in. Nothing feels better than taking a part of your home that you hate and turning it into something you love!