Since we didn’t go out of town this Christmas break I had to find a project. I decided to try my hand at re-upholstering my grandma’s rocking chair from the 20’s or 30’s. My mom got it in the 70’s and reupholstered it then and I got it probably 20 years ago and it ended up sitting in the corner of my bedroom used just to toss clothes on. The last couple of years it has held blankets and pillows for visiting family. I finally decided to make it a usable chair but first it needed to be updated and way more padding. It was pretty worn out after many years of rocking babies. The gentle creak of each back and forth movement was somehow soothing. Upon  removing the old covering of the seat and back I found the only padding in it was a couple rugs, some old clothes from my sister and I, and pillowcases. Not very comfortable. You could pretty much feel the springs and all the wood underneath.  I replaced all that with 2” foam padding. It wasn’t an easy task. It took an extra set of hands to help stretch the fabric tight and staple and nail it down.  But it looks fantastic and I’m proud to have it sitting out again.  Hopefully will last for many years to come.